Test Results Laser:9/10   RADAR: 10/10   Overall: 9.5/10


If you want the best radar detector on the market, look no farther. Here is the Stinger VIP. This detector features a different design for the antenna than all the other detectors, a patch antenna which help open up new possibilities for detection and performance. It also has a more powerful processor for more sophisticated signal analysis and false alert filtering.
In my testing, the Stinger VIP outperformed every other radar detector. It gave me so much range that I actually had to stop, turn around, and drive farther away from the radar gun to make sure I was seeing all the VIP had to offer. Will it always beat the Redline/STi-R Plus? No. Sometimes you’ll get equivalent performance. Sometimes the VIP will beat it out. All depends on conditions, as usual.
Because of its more powerful processor and sophisticated signal analysis capabilities, it can do a better job at recognizing false alerts from blind spot vehicles and filtering them out. As new cars come onto the market that the VIP falses to, you can log those falses, send them to Stinger, and they’ll analyze it and can issue a firmware update to help it filter those new vehicles out. Very impressive. It’s not perfect and it can’t filter out everything, but it’s the most promising detector I’ve seen yet when it comes to filtering those annoying falses out.
This is an expensive radar detector. Make no mistake. You’ll want to factor in installation costs/time as well. You can also purchase an optional rear antenna to give you directional information like the V1 or Max360. At this point we’re starting to experiencing diminishing returns so you have to ask yourself whether or not you want to drop the extra cash or if you want to go for a cheaper option that can give you 95% of the performance and a less sophisticated false alert filter for a fraction of the price.
There are also still a few bugs with the detector and at this price, I would really hope it’s a rock solid and bug-free unit, you know? It still does need a little work so it’s not quite so rough around the edges. Stinger’s engineers are currently focusing on updating their very good laser jammers that can integrate with this radar detector and once they finish that, they’ll resume updating the radar detector and continue to improve its radar detection and false filtering capabilities.
Every detector always has some quirks and areas where improvement is possible. As it stands now, this is the best performing detector on the market and offers the highest level of future proofing and room to get better and better over time. Additionally, the US distributor, Cliff, offers an incredible level of customer service, some of the best in the business.
The Stinger VIP can be purchased directly from Cliff at Stinger USA. The standard Stinger VIP is $2500. An optional rear antenna for directional information can be purchased for an additional $1500.





Stinger VIP First Place winner in prestigious Radar Roy 2015 Desert Shoot Out 
Radar Roy, the first and probably best known radar detector testing professional in the world, organizes a yearly Desert Shoot Out in Arizona, U.S.A. All key players in the industry get invited but not everyone enjoys it, for it really is like a Wild West shoot out. Only the best man will be left standing.

Despite a distributor only barely having started selling Stinger product in the U.S., also Stinger got invited. Purely to get a feel for this new market and learn from both Radar Roy and the experienced competitors, Stinger joined the test. On the one hand, winning it did surprise us. We were the new kids on the block, after all. On the other hand, it shows that Stinger’s zest for, and continuous investment in, development simply pays of. It is in our DNA to make the best products we can. Others are passionate about making a certain sales target. It is about quality versus quantity. And at the end of day, this difference in philosophy shines through in the product performances.

This is what Radar Roy had to say about Stinger VIP. Here is a summary of the test results.