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New VIP Display

Stinger VIP New display

*As of December 2016, all Stinger VIP with ship with the new, better, standard sized display. The improvements in this new display comprise, among others:

  • Faster reaction to touch due to a capacitive touch screen.
  • Clearer picture due to increased contrast and brightness.
  • Better daylight readability thanks to a 70% reduction in glare.
  • A neater look when switched off because of the solid black front.
  • The new standard sized display will have the same dimensions as its predecessor, will go on the same Display Holder, and is completely compatible with all other VIP systems. *(Excludes XL Display)

    Updating VIP

    Stinger VIP screens

    Introducing VIP: A mega software upgrade downloadable at no cost to all VIP users. VIP provides target view screens, improved audio alerts, and further improved performance. Now available for download via Stinger Desktop.




    Target view screens

    Experience target view screens and you will always know the exact location of the speed trap. It shows whether the radar source is ahead, to the sides, or at the rear of the car (requires front and rear HD Antennas on your car). The direction from which laser is shot at you is also shown on the display. Furthermore, there is a proximity indicator for SpotList alerts.


    Improved audio alerts

    VIP also adds new voice alerts as well as accelerating SpotList Alerts which will increase in frequency as you approach the Spot. Also, we have added SimpleSounds, which enables more subtle alert sounds.


    Stinger VIP screens

    Even better performance

    Dynamic Sensitivity adds extra sensitivity right when you need it against tricky speed traps. Furthermore, VIP also provides new alerts for Short Pulse, Quick Trigger and POP radar guns used in some parts of the US.


    Stinger VIP screens

    Even more quiet

    Stingers are relatively quiet co-pilots already, but we made them even better. With VIP we believe we have taken a big step yet again. The completely new FalseListing platform makes your Stinger so quiet that it may make you think you switched off the sound. On top, the before mentioned Dynamic Sensitivity will make your VIP even more quiet. Lastly, the new VIP software comes with further improved filtering features that can stop erroneous in-car and out-of-car radar sources from ever bothering you.


    Other features


    In addition, VIP 4.0 also encompasses:

    -Voice and text support for additional languages.

    -Improved Front/Rear HD Antenna support.

    -'Touch-to-Kill' function to instantly end LaserShielding.

    -Larger touch areas for several buttons including 'Touch-to-Kill', Mute, SpotList and FalseList (lower button plus entire area directly above).

    -Improved hardware support for newer LABs and VIP Displays.

    -More detailed logging of speed trap events.


    Stinger VIP screen

    XL display for VIP


    We like the credit card-like dimensions as well as the look and feel of our regular VIP display. However, we happily obliged your requests for a larger screen with the VIP Display XL. For your convenience, the XL display offers more spacious touch areas, larger icons, and twice the number of pixels. The VIP Display XL mounts onto the standard Display Holder.
    Stinger VIP screen


    The VIP marks the introduction of Stinger's next generation patch technology, giving its HD Antenna by far the highest precision available in speed trap protection. Where Stinger's 'standard' SA Antenna already stands out in precision, the brand new HD Antenna takes radar measurement precision to the extreme, measuring radar frequences with a precision of ±0.0001 GHz. And with reason, for more precision means less falsing.

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